Return Policy and Cancellation
  • GYRATENETCOM.COM team will be very happy to provide you, the best in class support to our customer for any Return / Refund / Cancellation claim with logic reasons. As our category has perishable items and non-perishable items, in both cases the Return / Refund / Cancellation claim depends as per case to case basis. Our team will provide you best solution in contrast of Return and Cancellation Policy.
  • The product like VEGETABLES, FRUITS, etc. which comes under perishable category , the cancellations for those Categories, should be done immediately in the presence of our DELIVERY EXECUTIVES at the time of delivery. After the delivery of the product no cancellation / return / refund claim will process / entertain from GYRATENETCOM.COM.
  • The cancellation for the Grocery category will be 48 hours from the time of FINAL SUBMISSION of product in CART. Please Note, that as GROCERY has huge category option , so the cancellation policy / refund claim will be as per case to case basis. GYRATENETCOM.COM has complete right to decide whether an order delivered has to refund / return as per case basis. The decision made by GYRATENETCOM.COM in any return and cancellation policy should be final and accepted by customers.
  • If the delivery is not executed due to Incorrect or insufficient address , recipient not at home, address found locked or refusal to accept, not acceptance of call from our DELIVERY EXECUTIVE, in such circumstances the order will be automatically cancelled with no prior notice to the customers.
  • If the delivery is not executed continuously three or four times to a particular customer with respect to POINT NO. 4, GYRATENETCOM.COM has complete right to cancelled the order for the particular customer / Blacklist the particular customer for future order.
  • GYRATENETCOM.COM has complete right to decide whether an order has been processed or not. The customer agrees not to dispute the decision made by GYRATENETCOM.COM and accept GYRATENETCOM.COM decision regarding the cancellation.
  • GYRATENETCOM.COM urge to check the product while taking it from our DELIVERY EXECUTIVES. Any dispute / complaint for the product should be furnish to DELIVERY EXECUTIVES immediately , so that we can give you our hassle free services. Please do not accept any product which you feel tempered or otherwise situation from the DELIVERY EXECUTIVE.
  • By using the services of GYRATENETCOM.COM, the user accepts and agree to follow all the conditions mentioned in Return Policy and Cancellation Policy.